I was born in 1969 in a small Galician village, educated in a Catholic school, and raised by a military family towards the end of the Franco dictatorship and the transition into democracy. My start in life had a deep impact upon my youth, still reflects in my personality and manifests in my work as an artist today.


Early on in my career I worked as a performance artist exploring the nature of gender and identity. This initially took me to the US, but I returned to Europe in 1999 to base myself in Barcelona where I furthered my experimental performance art. In all I spent two intense decades working worldwide for a diverse range of companies and arts organisations. This experience gave me an innate familiarity and understanding of space, especially the interrelationship between art, artist and viewer.


During this time I never lost my interest in the plastic Arts. For art, design and performance are, among other things, different forms of language with specific aims, purposes and outcomes. But my profound need to question led me to a new creative process, especially within that of painting, ceramics and sculpture. It was in these mediums that I found an ability to challenge the viewer and satisfy an unavoidable, existential creative urge.


In 2009 I decided to take a break from performance, relocate to London and further my development, skills and studies in modern art. It was here that I began to find recognition for my work, notably inclusion in The Tate Britain collection, as well as private collections, group and solo exhibitions.


After working in London I decided to move to Hastings. Here I could take a step back and find a clear direction, open an art studio and clarify my identity as an artist. This move made it possible for me to collaborate with other artists and creatives, interior designers, architects and the private sector.


My evolution as an artist is underpinned by my diverse use of media and language. Yet this vibrant and varied palette co-exists without questioning who I am.


I am an artist — because I am an artist, this is who I am. I have my own vision, a quick visual response, I can communicate, translate and empathise with the viewer. And my creative processes are informed by the same passion and commitment I have, be they in front of a white canvas, a block of clay or an empty space.



Art Studio – Rear Commercial 201 Harold Road – TN35 5NQ, Hastings, East Sussex, UK +44(0)7965939293